Sales Executive_Chemical Industry (Based in South Korea)


  • Responsible for the sales of the products in the local market, mainly for surfactants, auxiliaries for textile &d detergent, PE, AEO, ethanolamine (MEA/DEA/TEA), etc.
  • Responsible for customer retention and maintaining relationships with existing clients, establishing business relationships with target clients, developing customer needs, and completing sales goals;
  • Work on sales plan and strategy to achieve sales goals.
  • The possibility of promoting new projects, and establishing and leading team development.
  • Fulfill and manage sales contracts, review business transactions, and handle customer issues.
  • Provide accurate information on market trends, demand changes, competitors, and customer feedback.
  • Participate in new product development plans based on market and customer needs, and coordinate with other product departments.
  • Complete other tasks assigned by the company.

Job requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or above, better major in chemistry, chemical engineering, materials, and other related fields.
  • 3-5 years working experience engaged in the chemical industry or sales experience in leading enterprises in the same industry;
  • Possess the possibility of establishing and leading team development, and create local offices based on business development.

Main skill/ability requirements:

  • Strong career ambition and sales ability;
  • Sharp market insight, the ability to solution proposal and lead teams for business close
  • Excellent interpersonal communication, negotiation skills, and adaptability;
  • Have a team spirit and strong resistance to pressure;
  • Able to adapt to business trips.

Work location: based in South Korea


130 Nguyen Cong Tru Street, W Nguyen Thai Binh, Dist 1, HCMc

Tax No.: 0317047046

[email protected]

+84 866 047 046

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