IT Maintenance

I-Talent’s client is a company specializing in manufacturing phone components.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the configuration of factory network, computer fault handling, daily inspection, business up and down line, according to the new business requirements to formulate server system and deployment scheme; production line network and server system operation and maintenance work
  • Responsible for network and server management, configuration, troubleshooting, maintenance of network architecture planning, design, adjustment, performance optimization
  • Responsible for the monitoring of network quality and network equipment, the production of computer system high-risk patches and antivirus software maintenance
  • Responsible for the maintenance and update of network and computer configuration information in the production workshop.


  • Major in computer or IT operation and maintenance, at least 2 years working experience in operation and maintenance, master IT operation and maintenance technology
  • Proficient in IP routing and switching technology, familiar with Huawei, H3C mainstream manufacturer network switch products
  • Proficient in Windows Server server system installation and configuration, familiar with AD, DNS, DHCP, WDS, PXE and other related application service management
  • Rich experience in network fault detection and resolution, outstanding ability to analyze and solve problems, good ability of organization and coordination, ability of writing and oral expression
  • Strong learning and communication skills, good team work spirit
  • Strong sense of responsibility and strong compressive ability, hard work, able to cooperate with the factory production line overtime.

Academic qualifications:

  • Major in computer science and related, bachelor degree or above, necessary education / degree double certificate is complete.
  • Cisco / Huawei / H3C/PMP certificates are preferred.
  • Chinese communication and English skills are preferred.


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