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Full time, On-site
Binh Phuoc
Posted 4 months ago

Product team size: 100 Staffs

Summary: This position leads various tasks related to assembly line production. It involves allocating tasks to different workshops based on production orders and making timely adjustments as necessary. The primary purpose is to ensure the smooth completion of all objectives related to this production process. This role’s unique contribution lies in effectively coordinating assembly line production activities, ensuring efficient workflow, and meeting production targets.


Production Task Allocation:

  • Allocate tasks based on production orders and workshop capacity.
  • Ensure task implementation and communicate with production planning for adjustments.
  • Resolve any abnormalities in the production process promptly.

Safety Production Measures:

  • Organize safety discussions, implementation, and improvements in workshops.
  • Conduct safety meetings, propaganda, equipment protection, and employee inspections.

Quality Management:

  • Adhere strictly to process requirements and quality standards.
  • Guide and supervise quality management by workshop directors.
  • Organize quality improvement and related technical enhancements.

Cost Control Strategies:

  • Summarize cost control data and formulate corresponding strategies.
  • Review and adjust product cost prices as necessary.

On-Site Management:

  • Provide guidance on 5S and equipment management regulations.
  • Supervise for a clean and orderly production site.

Report Analysis and Improvement:

  • Analyze abnormal situations from various departmental reports.
  • Propose and review remedial measures, ensuring implementation.
  • Organize improvement activities based on inspection data.

Performance and Goal Management:

  • Arrange subordinates’ work according to departmental objectives.

Occupational Health and Safety:

  • Provide safety education and training for department heads.
  • Supervise and prevent health hazards for employees.
  • Inspect on-site occupational health status.

Environmental Management:

  • Provide environmental education and training for department heads.
  • Supervise and inspect environmental hygiene on-site.
  • Identify, evaluate, and control environmental factors.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Communicate and supervise the implementation of superiors’ instructions.
  • Collaborate with other departments.
  • Complete additional tasks as assigned.


Educational Background:

  • College degree or above
  • Familiar with company workflows and quality management requirements.
  • Master rich knowledge of assembly processes and quality standards, grasp knowledge of sofa production management.
  • Have knowledge of coordinating organizations related to process manager work, and knowledge of product-related quality and environmental protection.
  • Proficient in Chinese as a working language.

Work Experience:

  • More than 5 years of workshop production management experience, experience in managing large manufacturing teams of over 500 people.
  • Past resumes preferably include experience in large home furnishing, home appliance, electronics, or automotive industries.
  • Skills: Good planning and organizational skills, communication skills, interpersonal coordination abilities.
  • Qualities Required: 1. Strong organizational and coordination abilities, as well as verbal expression abilities.
  • Physically healthy, with a good sense of professional ethics and responsibility.
  • Master requirements related to occupational health and safety and environmental management.

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