Starting a business in Vietnam is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences you can have. But where do you begin? There are several ways to approach creating a business, with many important considerations. To help take the guesswork out of the process and improve your chances of success, follow our comprehensive guide on how to start a business. We’ll walk you through each step of the process from the initial stage to handover, going into operation within a time-frame of 3-6 months per startup.

This encompasses all tasks, including:

  1. Searching for and signing office space lease contracts.
  2. Compiling documents for business operation permits, tax codes, and construction permits.
  3. Collaborating with specialised units to create design plans, finding contractors for implementation, and obtaining approval for fire safety permits, and more.
  4. Advising on the construction of organisational structures, department functions/roles.
  5. Developing job descriptions and personnel evaluation criteria.
  6. Drafting corporate culture documents, training plans, and human resources development.
  7. Recruiting and training key personnel.
  8. Establishing processes, regulations, and rules for attendance, salary, bonuses, and procedures related to social insurance, all under the expertise of Human Resources.
  9. Providing advice on financial and accounting matters related to business operations.
  10. Handling other tasks as per the specific requirements of each business.

If you’re considering expanding your business or simply need to bolster your team with top talent in Vietnam, an enquiry for our recruitment services is the first step toward success.

Our team at Invest Talent is ready to discuss your unique requirements, provide you with a detailed quotation, and demonstrate how our services can make a significant impact on your business growth.

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