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Posted 2 years ago

Our client is a newly-established game publishing company and global publishing brand. They strive to offer the best games to our gamers in the world.

They published a Games brand, and it has since been available in more than 200 countries with over 1.2 million downloads within the first week of launch.


1. Manage community and channel operations (i.e. Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, etc.) and develop marketing communication strategies for all our games in the respective local markets. (i.e. Community and Channel Manager (Vietnam) for Vietnam market.

2. Establish and manage long-term evergreen community content and events. This includes managing content publishing, community & channel growth, and community activities.

3. Encourage players at all levels to produce user-generated content, and establish a team of content creators alongside an operational flow to continuously improve content production and quality.

4. Regularly collect feedback from the community, communicate with users, maintain word-of-mouth effect, and actively inform the project team of public opinion.

5. Based on the promotional period of different games, develop online and offline community programs that meet the promotional needs and be able to effectively track the implementation and review of those programs.

6. Develop media and channel communication strategies based on the attributes of the different games. The strategies may include PR, KOL, and media collaborations.

7. Be able to lead the implementation of marketing plans, analyze the results, and produce performance reports.

8. Conduct periodical research and expand the media and channel resources, and manage and evaluate the media and channel providers.


1. 1 year of experience in game community marketing and channel operations.

2. Familiar with gaming media and channels, as well as local KOL, influencers, and celebrities of the respective local markets. (i.e. Community and Channel Manager (Vietnam) for Vietnam market

3. Fluent in spoken and written English.

4. Game enthusiast with an in-depth understanding of multiple games. Adaptable and able to quickly get started with new games.

5. Good creative and aesthetic sense. Excellent content creative planning ability with successful cases preferred.

6. Good at discovering hotspots and tracking the latest internet trends. Possess a strong sense of innovation.

7. Have strong communication, coordination, and promotional skills.

Working location: Headquartered in Singapore

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