The Amazing Binh Dinh Fest 2024 is currently underway in Binh Dinh province, featuring a plethora of cultural, sports, and tourism activities. Alongside this festival is the Grand Prix of Binh Dinh 2024, an international powerboat tournament aimed at showcasing the culture, tourism, history, and sports spirit of the central province.

The Amazing Binh Dinh Fest 2024 highlights include a culinary culture festival, a buffet party featuring 77 local specialities, an international music program, a Binh Dinh Martial Arts performance, an Aquabike show, and a drone lights and motorised paragliding display. Additionally, there will be an investment promotion conference and a trade promotion conference organised by the Vietnam-Canada Business Association.

According to the Investment Promotion Center of Binh Dinh province, the Binh Dinh investment promotion conference on March 29 will see the participation of 11 billionaires from Thailand, South Korea, Sweden, Israel, Singapore, and the UAE. This conference is part of the Amazing Binh Dinh Fest 2024 Week, scheduled from March 22 to 31. Approximately 1,000 delegates from government agencies, embassies, international organisations, business associations, and companies will convene at the Binh Dinh Provincial Convention Center in Quy Nhon City for the conference.

Here is the list of the 11 world billionaires attending the conference:

  1. Mr. Peter Palanugool (Thailand) – Chairman of Bangkok Assay Office Group, involved in various sectors such as real estate, tourism, golf, jewelry, cosmetics, and gold processing from electronic waste.
  2. Businessman Lee Soo Man, founder of SM Entertainment, a company managing artists and operating in music, event organization, and music publishing. SM Entertainment plays a significant role in the global spread of the Kpop movement.
  3. Billionaire Muhammed Akhtar Zaman (Swedish), founder and main shareholder of Kmanjaro Holdings Group, Chairman of Royal Falcon Group, and co-Chairman of 6G Digital Sweden Company. With over 25 years of experience, he has built businesses worth more than $9 billion for shareholders, strategic partners, and governments of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.
  4. Billionaire Cyril Dissescou (Singapore), founder and CEO of Nexif Ratch Energy SE Asia Pte., Ltd, specializing in energy, thermal power, and oil and gas.
  5. Three Israeli billionaires: Mr. Rami Levy, president and CEO of Rami Levy Hashikma Marketing; Mr. Yhouda Levy, co-founder of Rami Levy Hashikma Marketing; Mr. Aviv Yosef Brosilovski, president and general director of Forta Pro.
  6. Billionaire Oded Zucker, advisor to Grupo Salinas, with assets of about 2 – 3 billion USD, serving as a bank manager and direct investment advisor to 10 of the most famous and wealthy families in Mexico and Israel.
  7. Billionaire Carl Anthony Cruz, chairman and general director of Cross Energy Corporation, a major real estate investor in Mexico with investments in seaports and energy.
  8. The United Arab Emirates is represented by two billionaires: Mr. Taher Ali Shahin Albulushi Altahri, chief executive officer of UB General Trading FZC, and Mr. Saif Ali Shahin Mohammed Altahri, chief executive officer of the UB General Trading FZC trade group.



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