Among the 1,300 European businesses inquiring about the investment climate in Vietnam, up to 63% listed the country among the top 10 destinations for foreign direct investment firms.
  • A number of giant multinationals have also been present in Vietnam, including Apple, Nike, Morgan Stanley, Intel, and Google, among others.
  • During the 10 months, 108 countries and territories poured money into Vietnam. Singapore topped the list with nearly 4.65 billion USD. It was followed by the Republic of Korea, and Hong Kong (China).
  • Meanwhile, China took the lead in the number of new projects, which accounted for nearly 22%, and the Republic of Korea ranked first in terms of the projects with additional capital and capital contribution and share purchasing transactions.
  • Of the 55 provinces and cities recording FDI inflows, Quang Ninh attracted the most capital. Hai Phong city stood second, followed by Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Bac Giang province.
  • As of now, more than 80 countries and territories have invested in Vietnam. Notably, investments from major partners such as Singapore, Japan, and South Korea have been consistently increasing each year. The FDI wave tends to concentrate on industries with high intellectual content, such as software development, electronic computing, pharmaceuticals, and mechanical engineering.
  • According to the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam possesses several strengths in attracting FDI, including a stable political and security environment, a geographically advantageous location, abundant labor force, and an improving system of governance, laws, and transparency integrated with international standards.
  • Therefore, Vietnam not only provides a conducive environment for long-term investment activities but also facilitates the participation of businesses in global supply chains and value networks. This is achieved through Vietnam’s commitment to security, political stability, favorable geographical location, and an ample workforce, along with an evolving system of governance and laws that align with international standards.
Source: Vietnamplus


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