11 Headhunting techniques recruitment teams use to secure candidates

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that finding high-quality candidates isn’t always a simple task for businesses. Traditional recruitment techniques, publishing a job advert and waiting for people to come to you, don’t work when you’re trying to fill a senior role like CEO, CFO or MD.

Capturing the attention of the high-calibre candidates you need requires a smarter way of recruiting.

That’s where headhunting comes into play.

Also known as executive search, headhunting is a specialist recruitment service which takes the chance out of candidate attraction. Rather than hoping for the right candidate to come along, headhunters actively seek out the right people for your business. How? Well, that’s what this blog is here to explore..

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No more mistake for Personal Income Tax by using Payroll Service outsourcing.

Soon all those specializing in workers of accounting salary meticulous and most experienced also found that payroll is a job very headache, just missed a few details that led to a series of consequences, Wrongly about the amount of personal income tax payment, the amount of underpaid, overpaid for employees and above all, the deduction of payment of social insurance, health insurance and other lawful amounts is incorrect, leading to the arrears and investigation control data of the parties wasting unnecessary time and resources.

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Why Externalize Your IT Recruitment Process?

The IT sector is continuously scrambling to identify and attract key people, while trying to retain the top talent already in organizations. Externalization of the recruitment process is a service that IT companies should appeal to when looking to recruit talents quickly and efficiently in a tough market. A dedicated team of specialists can take over the entire recruitment process and workforce management or focus on a given critical open position. This way, tech companies can focus on the core aspects of their business, saving resources and obtain the wanted results in the shortest time.

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Forecast Of Human Resources In Vietnam In 2022_Generation Z

According to experts, in 2022, the labor market will continue to develop positively towards high quality. FALMI has made a forecast for Vietnam’s labor market in 2022. Accordingly, unskilled labor and unskilled labor are on a profound downward trend. So at some point, even the unskilled workforce must undergo training.

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How To Start A Start-up In Vietnam?

Starting a business is currently a trend well received by young people in Vietnam. However, bringing a start-up to success is never easy.

In fact, thousands of companies have been created and declared bankrupt. Hundreds of ideas are forever on paper with no way to put them into practice. Are young people too hasty to plunge into the start-up vortex without prior preparation?

  • So how to start a start-up in Vietnam? How to get the best and most suitable start-up steps.

Please refer to the 11 steps to start your business in Vietnam in this article.

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