The IT sector is continuously scrambling to identify and attract key people, while trying to retain the top talent already in organizations. Externalization of the recruitment process is a service that IT companies should appeal to when looking to recruit talents quickly and efficiently in a tough market. A dedicated team of specialists can take over the entire recruitment process and workforce management or focus on a given critical open position. This way, tech companies can focus on the core aspects of their business, saving resources and obtain the wanted results in the shortest time.

Does externalization of the IT recruitment process mean you no longer need an internal HR team?

Most often not. Recruiting and retaining IT experts from a very dynamic talent pool can become overwhelming for the internal HR department. Depending on the size of your company, number of employees and your business needs, an outsourced IT recruitment consultant can provide quick results for critical open positions needed to be filled, working as an extension of the company’s HR team.

Actually, the best results can be achieved when the company’s HR specialists efficiently collaborate with dedicated IT recruitment specialists that can provide a fresh perspective, are always up to date with the latest recruitment tools and have access to multiple up to date databases. Since most of the specialized recruitment companies are providing their services based on a success fee, your organization will only pay for proven results.

Advantages of externalizing the IT recruitment process

  • Speed – without doubt speed is vital when dealing with IT recruitment. A specialized team has the expertise necessary to provide results in the shortest time possible, keeping in mind the client’s requirements and providing a short list with appropriate candidates in a matter of days since the request is made;
  • Up to date resources – by externalizing the recruitment process your organization gains  access to the latest IT staffing solutions, research tools and skill tests, up to date databases, job boards and C.V.s;
  • Highly personalized approach of candidates – usually IT recruitment specialists have already established connections with a larger number of candidates, knowing precisely which ones are more likely to be a good fit for your organization. Most of them have a history of working together and the hiring offer can be more openly passed forward and accepted.
  • The optimization of sourcing – the candidates are tested by experienced specialists, so your organization will only have to get in contact and spend time on those that are a very good fit for the positions needed to be filled.

The recruitment industry is continuously shifting and evolving, especially when dealing with the IT sector. An externalized company can help your organization and HR team to permanently adapt to the requirements and challenges of the IT talent market and identify the professionals you need, exactly when you need them.

What do you find to be most challenging when it comes to recruiting professionals for your company, which positions prove to be most difficult to fill and which skills come first for you when looking for an IT specialist?


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